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...about those 20 pounds lost.....(self-care and soul work)

Last week part of my back to blogging title included "20 pounds lost."  While I was proud to share that piece of information with the lovely world I also became incredibly nervous that others would think I wasn't somehow still myself in this slightly smaller body.   Most of you have been around long enough to know self-care, health, and nutrition are topics that I've dabbled in over the years.  I've never been a proclaimed fitness blogger and I don't intend to start now! There are scores of women in the social media world who cover this topic so darn well and I applaud them for bravely sharing their stories! In fact, I learn from them. 
Instead today I want to quickly share a few things that are helping me stay on track in this fresher, healthier me.  These aren't new year's resolutions because they are things I've been tackling for the entire past year.  It feels like I've started health "journeys" a million times and then slowly I…

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Have yourself a merry (rosy) Christmas!